3rd DRUCC Meeting, Chakardharpur on 22/04/2016 @ 11am. Points raised by Prabhakar Singh, Hony. Gen. Secretary of SCCI & DRUCC Member were successfully and well taken by DRM Chakardharpur.


SCCI's 62nd Annual General Meeting was held on Tuesday 24th September 2013 at 10.30 am in Chamber Bhawan.


A Seminar on Service Tax was organised in Chamber Bhawan in which Shri Sushil Kumar Goyal, Chartered Accountants from Kolkata spoke and addressed the members. He informed that Service Tax is payable by all the persons. He also informed if a person has not paid Service Tax from 2007 upto 2012 a voluntary scheme has come now. He further informed that in the beginning Service Tax was levied on only 3 items and not it has been levied on 130 items. He also informed that every year Service Tax is crossing its target and being received in much excess than the target set by the Govt.


A delegation of Chamber members consisting Sri Suresh Sonthalia, Sri V.A. Moonka, Sri Bharat Vasani and others met Sri Amitabh Kaushal, D.C. and requested him to expedite issue of Arms Licenses to the applicants and also ensure proper parking areas in Sakchi Market and other places by removing encroachments to enable for easy movement of people going for marketing, etc.


An Interactive session was organised in Chamber with JUSCO officers. Although Shri Ashish Mathur, M.D. Jusco was supposed to come, but he could not come due to some reason. In his place Shri Rituraj Sinha, General Manager, JUSCO addressed the members and stated that the public services in Jamshedpur are different compared with Mango and Jugsalai area. Shri Sharad Kumar, Dy. G.M., Shri Rajesh Rajan, Chief Corporate Communication and other officers of JUSCO also attended the meeting and answered several queries from the audience. They informed the roads will be repaired after the rainy season and other places also.


A meeting/Dialogue session was organised with Income Tax Dept. and the Tax Payers/Chamber members in which several officers of Income Tax Dept. were present and replaced many questions from the audience Shri Vir Birsa Ekka, Commissioner Income Tax informed that as against the target of Rs.232 crores was set by the Govt. for collection from Income Tax Dept. for the year 2013-2014.


A delegation of Chamber members met Shri Veer Ekka, Commissioner of Income Tax in his office and discussed various issues.


Shri R.C. Das, G.M., Dist. Industry Dept., Chaibasa, conducted a meeting in Chamber Bhawan, in which he informed that Loans granted to industrial units by their centre from 15th Nov. 2000, i.e. before creation of Jharkhand State could be settled if the debtors make onetime payment of the Principal amount + 30%. Shri Suresh Sonthalia, Shri Sharwan Kabra, Shri Ramakant Gupta, Shri Bharat Vasani, Shri Dinesh Choudhary, Shri Nitesh Dhoot, Shri Mahesh Sonthalia, Shri S.Prasad, Shri Vinod Sharma and Shri Narayan Paul, etc. attended the meeting.


Dr. Ajay Kumar, M.P. visited our Chamber and addressed the members. He said that intellectuals, Public and Police have to come forward to control crimes in the city.


A delegation of Office Bearers consisting of Shri Suresh Sonthalia, V.P. (PRW), Shri Vijay Anand Moonka, Hony. Genl. Secretary, Shri Sharwan Kabra, V.P. (T&C), Shri Satyanarayan Agarwal, Secretary (T & C) and CA Ramakant Gupta, Hony. Treasurer met Governor Dr. Syed Ahmed in Ranchi and appraised about the deteriorating law and order condition in Jamshedpur. They suggested that the Police force should be kept in such a position that criminals are not given any opportunity to indulge in criminal activities. They also demanded that the Rice Merchant, Late Vinod Agarwal’s family should be given a compensation of Rupees 50 lakh. They also appraised him about the bad condition of Ranchi-Tata N.H.33.


Shri Rajiv Agarwal, DRM, S.E. Railway, Chakradharpur visited our Chamber and addressed our members alongwith his senior officials.


As decided a complete Bandh was observed in entire Jamshedpur except a few minor incidents in some areas the Bandh was peaceful. Sri Vijay Anand Moonka, HGS thanked all the Businessmen and politicians who supported the Bandh.


A Torch light procession was taken from Diagonal Road in Bistupurin the leadership of Shri Vijay Anand Moonka, Hony. General Secretary and Shri Suresh Sonthalia, V.P. (PRW) from 5.30 pm and appealed to all the Business Houses to participate in the Bandh on 27.6.2013 and not to open their establishments. Similar Torch light procession was organised in Sakchi also from Basant Talkies and proceeded upto Sakchi Round About(Golchakkar), Shri Bharat Vasani, Shri Sharwan Kabra, Shri Manav Kedia, Shri Dilip Agarwal, Shri Dharmendra Kumar, Shri Vinod Singh and a number of Businessmen took part in the procession.


A delegation of Chamber Office Bearers along with members of 10 others association gathered at Indian Red Cross Building in Pipe line road in Sakchi and proceeded to DC Office in a Protest Rally and submitted a memorandum through him to Dr. Syed Ahmed, Governor, Jharkhand consisting various demands about the brutal murder and loot of Sri Binod Agarwal, Rice Merchant. It was also decided to observe a Bandh of Jamshedpur on 27th June, 2013 to ventilate the grievances of the Chamber at the failure of the administration to nob the murderers even after 48 hours of the incident and demanded Rs.50 lakhs as compensation for the bereaved family of Sri Vinod Agarwal.


A meeting of various associations was held in Chamber Bhawan to decide about organising a Bandh in protest against the murder & loot of Businessman Sri Vinod Agarwal on Friday, the 21st June, 2013 night. It was decided to assemble at Red cross Building on Tuesday the 25th June, 2013 and proceed to meet Dy. Commissioner and hand over a memorandum and then take a final decision about the Bandh.


A delegation from SCCI met Sri Mastram Meena, IAS, Commissioner cum Secretary, Commercial Taxes at Ranchi, consisting of Sri Nirmal Kabra, Past President, Sri Suresh Sonthalia, V.P.(PRW), Sri Vijay Anand Moonka, Hony. Genl. Secretary, Sri Sharwan Kabra, V.P. (T&C), Sri Manav Kedia, V.P. (T&F), Sri Bharat Vasani, Secretary (PRW) and Satyanarayan Agarwal, Secretary (T&C). The decision taken are enumerated n the Press Release file.


A Registration Camp of Jharkhand VAT was held in Chamber Bhawan in which 11 Business establishments got registered their establishments.


A delegation from our Chamber consisting of Sri Suresh Sonthalia, V.P. (PRW) Sri Vijay Anand Moonka, Hony. Genl. Secretary, Sri Manav Kedia, V.P. (T&F), Sri Sharwan Kabra, V.P. (T&C), Sri Bharat Vasani, Secretary (PRW), Sri Dinesh Choudhary, Secretary (T&F), Sri Nitesh Dhoot, Secretary (Industry), etc. and also Jamshedpur Distributors Association President Sri Gitesh Varshnay, Genl. Secretary Sri Dilip Goyal, etc. met Sri Ram Sevak Sharma, Chief Secretary, Jharkhand in Ranchi and requested him to ensure that the VAT rules in Ranchi are made simplex so that businessmen get relived and the State also gets more and more revenue.


A meeting was organised by Jusco for awareness campaigning “JIMEDDAR NAGRIK – JIMEDDAR SAHAR” – which was attend by Hony. Genl. Secretary Sri Vijay Anand Moonka, Jusco MD & others throat detailed light for the participation of the people of Jamshedpur.


Coin distribution mela was organised by SCCI in association with State Bank of India Jamshedpur. Coins of above 11 lakhs were distributed to various traders. SBI AGM Shri Vikash Kumar efforts were appreciated, for SCCI. HGS Shri Vijay Anand Moonka & Vice President (T&C) Shri Sharwan Kabra played key role.


A meeting of the Traders & Businessmen was held in Chamber where it was stated that they are facing difficulties in filing Tax returns and Road Permit. The participants opined that Road Permits and Tax Returns filing system should be made transparent and easy. It was decided that if the system is not made simplified, the Chamber will adopt a rigid attitude and it may lead to agitation.


Sales Tax Dept. has devised a new system by which the Businessmen and Industrialists have to declare (1) To whom and how much materials have been sold, (2) Also whether the purchaser is registered with Sales Tax authorities as per govt. rules. The local business have protested against this system of declaration. In this connection Shri Vijay Anand Moonka, HGS, Shri Suresh Sonthalia, V.P. (PRW), Shri Manav Kedia, V.P. (Tax & Fin.), Shri Bharat Vasani, Secretary (PRW), and Shri Rajiv Agarwal met Sri Ranjan Kr. Sinha, Joint Commissioner, Commercial Taxes and discussed the issue and requested him to extend the date of submission of return from 31st May to 25th June, 2013 for which he assured the delegation for consideration.


A warm farewell and hearty welcome was given to to Sri Akhilesh Kumar Jha, Immediate Past SSP and Shri Richard Lakra, present SSP and Shri Kartik S. SP (City) respectively, Shri Indrajeet Mahta, S.P., Saraikela-Kharsawan was also given a hearty welcome. Representatives from 35 associations participated in the function.


A delegation met Joint Commissioner of Commercial Tax (VAT Audit). Sri R.M. Lal and others discussed certain problems regarding issue of notice to traders.


Chamber Milan Samaroh held at BOC Ground. First time in the Chamber history a wide family gathering was organised in which a famous dance group from Rajasthan came and perform and delicious dinner was organised about 1500 persons enjoyed the programme. This programme was sponsored by President Sri R.K. Agarwal. Sri Partho Sen Gupta, Vice President, Tata Steel, Sri Sunil Bhaskaran, Dy. Vice President, Tata Steel, Mr. Tarun Daga, M.D. Tinplate, Sri Ashish Mathur, MD, Jusco and the any other corporate personalities joined the programme.

10.04.2013 - 18.04.2013

Aadhar Cards were made in Chamber Bhawan as per request of our Chamber to Smt. Himani Pandey, IAS, Dy. Commissioner, East Singhbhum, Jamshedpur. About 800/850 cards were made for our Chamber members and also a few general Public also.


Sri V.A. Moonka, Hony. General Secretary, Sri Ramakant Gupta, Hony. Treasurer Sri Nitesh Dhoot, Secretary (Industry) & Sri Dinesh Choudhary, Secretary (Tax & Fin.) met Sri Anand A.Khalkho, Commissioner, Income Tax, today and discussed matters relating to Income Tax, Members of Tax Bar Association, Jamshedpur, Sri R.N. Gupta, Sri K.L. Mittal and Sri K.K. Sahu were also present. Sri Manish Kedia, Sri R.N. Agarwal, President, JCAS were also present.


12th Executive Meeting was held on 19th March, 8.30 pm at Chamber Bhawan.


Seminar on Post Budget 2013 - Speaker CA S S Gupta, Kolkata.


Interative meeting with Officials of Commercial Tax Department, Jamshedpur was on 12th March 6.15 pm at Chamber Bhawan.


Invitation to participate in DIWALI Meet was on Saturday 17th November 2012 at Chamber Bhawan from 6pm.

17.10.2012 & 18.10.2012

Invitation to participate in India Maritime Conference 2012 on 17-18 October 2012 - Panaji, Goa. Click for Registration Form.

05.10.2012 to 16.10.2012

Canvas India Trade Fair 2012 promoted by Singhbhum Chamber Of Commerce & Industry held from 5th October to 16th October at Gopal Maidan. The Fair was inaugurated by Smt Himani Pande, IAS-Dy Commissioner East Singhbhum and Sri Subodh Kumar, SDO Jamshedpur on 5th October. View Pictures.

06.10.2012 & 09.10.2012

Seminar on Key Latest Developments under Direct Taxes & Service Tax on 6th October at Chennai & 9th October at New Delhi.


Seminar on Union Budget 2012 was organised on 21st March at 10.30 am. Click to view for more details.


Executive Committee meeting was held on Tuesday 20th March, 2012 at chamber bhawan from 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm.


Shri Ratan N. Tata Chairman-Tata Sons & Shri Cyrus Mistry Dy. Chairman cum Chairman Designate, Tata Sons visited our chamber on Saturday 3rd March 2012 at 7:00 p.m. View Pictures.


Interaction meeting with MP - Jamshedpur, Deputy Commissioner - East Singhbhum & DRM South Eastern Railway at Chamber Bhawan.


Met Dr. Mahendra Raju, Addl. Central P.F. Commissioner and discussed various day-to-day problems of P.F. in which Sri Ramakant Gupta, Hony. Treasurer, Sri Manav Kedia, V.P. (T&F) and Sri Dinesh Choudhary, Secretary (T&F) were also present.


A press conference was held in Chamber to appraise the media about the audacity and bad behavious of Sri P.K. Sinha, Asst. Commissioner, Commercial Taxes with the Chamber officials when he forcefully snatched the mike from Sri R.K. Agarwal, President in a meeting organised by the Commercial Taxes Dept. in Beldih Club in which Chamber Office Bearers were also invited to participate. As a protest all the Chamber Office Bearers and business community members left the venue without taking the lunch hosted by the Commercial Taxes Dept.


In the interactive meeting arranged by Commercial Taxes Dept. in Beldih Club Chamber Office Bearers were also invited. When President, Sri R.K. Agarwal was speaking on the mike and asking for replies for some queries raised by the audience Sri P.K. Sinha, Asst. Commissioner, Commercial Taxes, Jamshedpur, who was conducting the meeting snatched the mike from Sri R.K. Agarwal. This irritated the audience and all they left the venue without taking their lunch.


National Flag was hoisted by the President, Sri R.K. Agarwal in which a large number of members of our Chamber and Past President were present. After singing the National Anthem sweets were served.


  1. 1. Meeting with Dy. C.M. Shri Hemant Soren at Circuit House to increase floor Area ratio.
  2. 2. Meeting with JSEB Chairman at Ranchi and discussed about electricity problems.


Shri Vijay Anand Moonka, Hony. General Secretary participated in the direct Interactive Meeting organised by Hon’ble Dy.C.M., Jharkhand Shri Hemant Soren in Tulsi Bhawan which was attended by several organisations in Jamshsedpu. Shri Vijay Anand Moonka had put a question to Dy. C.M. that State Permits are to be made by the businessmen themselves, ‘C’ froms are to be submitted every quarter, which are not issued by the Commercial Taxes Dept. Even after submitting on-line returns, businessmen have to run after the officials of the Commercial Taxes Officials. He further enquired about the luxury Tax imposed on Halls when they are already paying service tax. In view of this Social organisations will not come forward to fulfil their obligations.

The Dy. C.M. informed that Govt. is doing its best to remove the hurdles and very soon the result will be known and businessmen need not run after the departments.


Distribution of Blankets to the victims of fire out-break in Shastrinagar on the request of District Administration.


A Talk Show was organised on “Economic Development & Law & Order of Kolhan” was organised in which the Administrative Heads of all the three districts of East, West Singhbhum and Saraikela-Kharsawan and dignitaries of Tata Steel, Jusco and other corporate companies also participated.


Sri R.K. Agarwal, President paid a visit to Golmuri Market where theft have taken place in some shops & discussed the matter with Sr. S.P. and also Golmuri Police Station.


At 6.30 p.m. Cake was cut in Chamber on the occasion of New Year Day by the President, Sri R.K. Agarwal in which a large number of members and Past Presidents were also present. At 7.30 p.m. the same New Year Cake was cut in Sakchi Bata Chowk wherein a large number of Chamber members of Sakchi and other Traders were also present.